Learn the right way

The right course for a personal trainer

The right course for a personal trainer

Become an outstanding personal trainer

Do You Have What It Takes?

Our courses are not a fast ticket to a qualification. There is a lot of hard work that you will have to put into our courses. Our personally assigned tutors will help you every step of the way when it comes to understanding the content and applying it into your career. 

With the significant extra course content that comes with our course compared to the standard syllabus, our courses are there to set our students onto the path for success. This isn’t about prior knowledge or natural talent but if you can put the work in and have the right mindset, our courses can help you to set on the path to becoming an outstanding fitness professional.

On top of this, our education team is internationally experienced, from a range of backgrounds and all qualified to a minimum of Level 5. They have a strong track record in the fitness industry so you will be learning from tutors who are relevant, strong at their job and will push you to become the best you can be.

We can confidently say, we have one of the strongest tutoring teams in the industry.

Is Our Course Right For You?

Our courses are for individuals who want to excel in the fitness industry. With more and more courses on offer with varying quality in the industry, it can be hard to distinguish quality. Our courses are designed for deadly serious individuals who want to make the best of themselves in health and fitness.

We are looking for people who are in this for the right reasons. Our course content is designed for people who really want to learn and have the knowledge to better the industry when they graduate.

If you are looking for a fast qualification or to dabble in fitness and/or have the mindset that you know everything, we are not the course provider for you but if you are up to the challenge, then read on.

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Personal trainer

Turn your passion into a career

Are You Looking To Make A Long Term Career?

Our career pathways after graduation can help graduates to specialise in areas that they wish to go into. This ranges from health and wellness specialist through to strength and conditioning through to being a holistic practitioner. 

Most training providers will say anything to get you through the door but once you qualify, you become just another number. With us, we apply a community based approach and with our business plus package, we help you to build your business fos six months after graduation. 

We are not just about getting you qualified, we are a training provider that wants you to succeed whilst making your experience hassle free and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

If you want to study with a training provider that cares, then we may be a great fit.

Does This Sound Like You?

If you’re a right fit for our course then don’t delay and request a call back from our team today.