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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Currently, we offer the Level 2 gym instructor and Level 3 personal trainer courses to the general public. We offer CPD, workshops and tutoring/assessing courses for our corporate partners.

Level 2 Gym – 2 x theory exams (70% pass mark), written portfolio work, 2 x practical exams.

Level 3 PT – 2 x theory exams (70% pass mark), written portfolio work, 1 x practical exam.

Our combo course is £1500

Our premium course (combo + business support) is £2000

You can also add first aid training onto either of these for an extra £175

We currently have tutors in London, Kent, Liverpool, Manchester, Devon, Oxford, Leicester, Staffordshire, Middlesex and Surrey. We are always growing our tutor team so if we do not have a tutor in your listed area, keep an eye out. Our tutors usually are able to travel 1 hour each way for your workshops.

Yes. You can pay a deposit which is 1/3 of your course cost. The rest can be paid in a payment plan however this may increase the total cost of the course, depending on duration.

3-4 weeks after completion. Some learners work may be subject to internal and external quality assurance to ensure we are doing our jobs properly, we will notify you in advance if this is the case. You will receive a confirmation of completion letter within 72 hours of completing your course, which you may be able to use when applying for jobs.

It depends on the country and it’s always at the discretion of the gym or company. A lot of countries lack formal regulation. In places like the middle east, UK qualifications are highly regarded. Some countries like the US may require you to do a conversion course.

Theory exams are online. Practical assessments will usually be held in your own gym or a local one to you wherever possible. If this is not possible, we will get you access to the nearest gym where we have with a tutor/assessor.