Continuing Professional Development Course

Kettlebells Instructor Training

Course overview

A two-day course that will teach you the fundamentals of key movement patterns such as swings, squats, cleans, snatches and everything in between. This course is fantastic for those wanting to specialise in this specific piece of equipment and those who want to separate themselves from the crowd.

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One to One

Kettlebell CPD Course
£ 349
  • Two Day Course
  • One to One Lesson
  • Assessment & Qualification

Group Class

Kettlebell CPD Course
£ 199
  • Two Day Course
  • Group Class
  • Assessment & Qualification

Kettlebell CPD Course Breakdown




Entry Requirements

The Benefits Of This Course

Kettlebells are highly accessible piece of equipment in any gym that offers many exercise routines that can be used by people of many shapes, sizes and abilities. Benefits include cardiovascular fitness and strength.

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